Dane Wesolko

Turning thoughts into things

Helping early stage teams prototype new solutions or improve on existing ones

Fluid and flexible built on 4 core principles

  1. Learn a lot often and apply that to the design.
  2. Build focused solutions and prototype for testing.
  3. Measure hypotheses and gather feedback.
  4. Iterate on concepts and refine design solutions.

Case studies

  • Helping patients get the medicine they need

    How can we help sales representatives more effectively close cases, physicians write scripts and provide patients with the medicine they need?

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  • Reinventing the comparator sourcing industry

    How can we make it easier to develop supply strategies, forecast risk, gain real-time market intelligence and procure comparator drugs for clinical trials?

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  • Accessing insight from real-world evidence

    How can we provide users with access to European real-world evidence and expand a company's product portfolio?

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Let's work together

I'm open to working with small teams in Healthcare and Life Sciences turn thoughts into things.